You have to understand, my dears,  
that the shortest distance between truth  
and a human being  
is a story.

~ Anthony De Mello, ”One Minute Wisdom"  
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Vision Bay Books
is the premiere publisher for Aliya Saige.
Founded in 2010, the company publishs her novels and short stories.

She is currently working on:
1) books 2 and 3 of her science fiction-fantasy trilogy known as "Inherited" , and
2) a short story compilation entitled "Shells, Stones, & Stars", from
which the title story and many others have already been
released as singles for Amazon's Kindle .

The short stories will each be sold separately until Aliya's
compilation is complete. At that time, the short stories will
no longer be sold separately except on rare occasions
at the author's discretion.


Vision Bay Books PO Box 390215 Anza, CA 92539

Aliya Saige
can be reached through the same mailing address or email her at

For information regarding the quoting or reproduction
of Aliya Saige's works, contact her as noted above.

Inherited: Family curse. Future hope.

(Also available for e-readers.)


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