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Ghost Writing
by Aliya Saige

If you are looking for someone to help you write a book, contact me for a free consultation and quote to help you with your book. All books sold on this website are originals but I can email you samples of my writing style for just about any genre.

For a free consultation, email me at aliyasaige@visionbaybooks.com.





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Aliya Saige
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Inherited: Family curse. Future hope.
Vol. 1 of 3  SciFi-Fantasy
Now available on Pre-Sale!
100 Daily Blessings:
Snapshots of Gratefulness
Short Stories
A Coyote Speaks: a short story about respecting others
A Stone's Throw: a short story about true friendship
Amador's Conch: a short story about a handicapped boy's gift
Angel Winks: a short story about comfort and reassurance
Crossbow Mine: a treasure hunter makes an unexpected discovery
Happiness: a short story about an angel's first assignment
Lavender Heels: a short story about a blind date
Shells, Stones, & Stars: a short story about two women
That Cockeyed, Cockamamie, Catawampus Smile: a short story about two women
When Others Sleep : a short story about the power of dreams

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